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Design - Blue Oxygen
S-889XLSBN RMA Cordoba Scooter
Shoprider - Cordoba Scooter
OOverall length 1440 mm
OOverall width 690 mm
OSafe climbing angle
OMaximum user weight 220 kgs/485 lbs/35st
OBattery size 2 x 73 amp/hr
ORange 55 km (35 miles) max*
OWeight with batteries 140 kgs
OMaximum speed 12 kmph (8mph)
The RMA Corboda is a class 3 vehicle with a load carrying capacity of 220kgs. The Cordoba has high and low speed setting both of which are infinitely adjustable making this vehicle suitable for almost any type of use.

The Cordoba is bristling with luxury features such as a fully adjustable captain seat with buttoned back, full independent suspension and delta handle features which when combined produce one of the most comfortable scooters available today.