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Design - Blue Oxygen
S-889NR Deluxe
Shoprider - Deluxe
OOverall length 1300 mm
OOverall width 580 mm
OSafe climbing angle 8"
OMaximum user weight 115 kgs/250 lbs/18st
OBattery size 2 x 40 amp/hr
ORange 40 km (25 miles) max*
OHeaviest part 25 kgs (55 lbs)
OMaximum speed 6 kmph (4mph)
For many years those persons wanting to own a substantial scooter for all seasons with a performance to match its long standing pedigree have chosen the Shoprider Deluxe as their flagship. Many thousands of this reliable model have been sold world-wide and its ageless design and top quality have made it a household name in the United Kingdom.

The four 13" pneumatic tyred wheels are able to negotiate bumps and uneven sufaces with ease. Driving the Shoprider Deluxe is a comfortable and pleasing experience. It just eats up the distances.

A horn to warn others of your approach is standard and a front light enables the scooter to be used during the hours of darkness if required.

Finger tip controls used on all Shoprider scooters makes driving an absolute pleasure and the many accessories including the all weather canopy ensure that the Shoprider Deluxe is an all year round scooter. The Shoprider can be dismantled with ease for storage and transportation.