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Design - Blue Oxygen
S541 Geneva Micro-Scooter
Shoprider - Geneva Micro Scooter
OOverall length 940 cm
OOverall width 450 cm
OSafe climbing angle
OMaximum user weight 115 kgs/250 lbs/18st
OHeaviest Part 14kgs
ORange 13 km (8 miles) max*
OWeight with batteries 38.5 kgs
OMaximum speed 6.5 kmph (4mph)
The RMA Geneva micro-scooter is a small wonder that combines some of the best features available today into such a compact and sturdy design. The Geneva has a large fully padded seat giving unparalleled comfort for a scooter of this size.

The combination of the patented swivelling front wheel design, fully adjustable tiller and the detachable battery pack make for an exceptionally versatile package that is ideal for transportation or use around shops.