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Design - Blue Oxygen
S-889A Seville
Shoprider - Milan
OOverall length 1290 mm
OOverall width 665 mm
OSafe climbing angle 8"
OMaximum user weight 110 kgs/240 lbs/17st
OBattery size 2 x 34 amp/hr
ORange 27 km (17 miles) max*
OHeaviest part 30 kgs (66 lbs)
OMaximum speed 12 kmph (7.5mph)
The New Seville 2 speed scooter is designed for users who use their scooters both on and off main roads. At the flick of a switch the speed of the scooter changes from a maximum of 4mph when used in the off road mode to a maximum speed of 8mph when used on roads used by other vehicles.

To conform to Class 3 requirements the Seville is fitted with a full light set which includes headlights, tail lights, indicators, hazard flashers and a horn. Large 13" pneumatic tyred wheels give a a very comfortable ride and the 2 shopping baskets supplied with the Seville enables shopping to be carried with ease.

Having a fully adjustable Captain seat adds to the Seville's comfort and ride quality. This rotating seat enables users to mount and dismount the scooter with ease. When used with a weather canopy the Seville really is a scooter for all seasons.