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Design - Blue Oxygen
S-778N2 Sovereign 3
Shoprider - Sovereign 3
OOverall length 1120 mm
OOverall width 600 mm
OGround Clearance 90 mm
OSafe Climbing angle 12 degrees
OMaximum weight 110 lbs (50kg)
OBattery Size 2 x 30 amp/hr
ORange 25 miles max
OHeaviest part 18 kgs (40 lbs)
OMaximum speed 6.5 kmph (4mph)
The Sovereign 3 scooter is a three wheeled scooter at home both indoors and out. This highly manoeuvrabe scooter is suitable for longer outdoor excursions, easy safe controls give a smooth operation with ten different speed settings up to 4mphh (6kmph). Direct drive rear wheels and electromagnetic disc brakes provide a safe and comfortable ride.

Battery level warning lights give you advance information of the power remaining in the batteries. A free wheeling device allows the scooter to be pushed with ease if required.

The Sovereign 3 can be easily dismantled without tools for easy transportation.