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Design - Blue Oxygen
SL-8 Super Lite 4
Shoprider - Super Lite 4
OOverall length 1040 mm
OOverall width 510 mm
OOverall height 890 mm
OSafe climbing angle (10%)
OMaximum weight 91kgs/200lbs/14st
OBattery size 2x10amp
ORange 20 km (12 miles) max
OWeight with batteries 40kgs (89lbs)

OHeaviest part 24kgs (53lbs)
OMaximum speed 6.1 kmph (3.8mph)
Once again and not surprisingly Shoprider has produced a trendsetting scooter. The new Super Lite 4 offers a degree of stability not available with other lightweight scooters. The mandate from our customers was for a lightweight, easy to handle four wheeled scooter which could easily be stored and transported with ease. We believe the Super Lite 4 satisfies this need.