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Design - Blue Oxygen
S-777NA Monaco
Shoprider - Monaco
OOverall length 1070 mm
OOverall width 615 mm
OSafe climbing angle 8"
OMaximum user weight 115 kgs/250 lbs/18st
OBattery size 2 x 12 amp/hr
ORange 16 km (10 miles) max*
OHeaviest part 18 kgs (40 lbs)
OMaximum speed 6 kmph (4mph)
The Shoprider Monaco Scooter regarded as the big sister to the Wispa mini scooter incorporates the unique patented articulating double front wheel which gives the user a degree of stability which is normally only available with larger 4 wheeled models.

The Monaco is a brand new model from Shoprider, the worlds No. 1 manufacturer of scooters and power chairs, its front and rear 8" puncture proof tyred wheels allow superb ride quality even over uneven ground. Manoeuvrability is second to none, the Monaco is able to turn virtually in its own length and is fitted with anti tip wheels.

Supplied with a comfortable seat with flip up armrests, a shopping basket and an adjustable tiller the Monaco also incorporates a chassis which is adjustable in length to suit taller users and is capable of carry persons weighing up to 115 Kilos (250 lbs/18st).

With a range of approximately 10 miles between charges and a maximum speed of just under 4mph the Monaco is versatile and reliable. When it comes to transportation and storage the Monaco can be dismantled in seconds and will fit into the smallest storage space or car boot. There are no tiresome battery leads to disconnect: the batteries are an integral part of the rear chassis cover, by simply removing the cover the batteries are also removed. When the cover is refiited