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Design - Blue Oxygen
S888NR Sovereign 4
Shoprider - Sovereign
OOverall length 1250 mm
OOverall width 540 mm
OGround Clearance 90 mm
OTurning Radius 1200 mm
OSafe Climbing angle 15 degrees
OMaximum weight 110 kgs (250 lbs)
OBattery Size 2 x 30 amp/hr
ORange 30 km (19 miles) max*
OHeaviest part 20 kgs (45 lbs)
OMaximum speed 6.5 kmph (4mph)
The Sovereign scooter is four-wheeled unit for use indoors or out. The scooter can be easily dismantled without tools for transportation. Direct drive sealed transmission/gearbox for efficency combined with electro magnetic brakes for maximum safety.

The control panel allows the scooter to be easily set to suit the users requirements. Speed settings are from 1-10 on the speed knob 6 kmph (4 mph being the max). Red coloured bar level indicators show battery charge levels.

Off board battery charger.

An automatic braking system will operate when the thumb levers are realeased. A free-wheeling device allows the scooter to be pushed if needed.